Course Syllabus for English-Taught Majors

The intensive English class in Engineering is open to students that are eager to learn and would like to improve themselves through challenges. Members in this class are selected from students in the College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science majoring in Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Materials Engineering. The class is aimed at training the students to become socially responsible ‘T’ shaped graduates who gain a wide breath of the knowledge about entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership; who at the same time develop a depth of the professional knowledge in chemical engineering. The students are trained to be highly effective in practice. A significant number of the students will become English proficient in the professional field here and abroad. The class also has the aim to inform the students: chemical engineers are expected to play a major role in finding solutions to some of the mankind’s most challenging problems, for example, environmental pollution, depletion of energy supplies, and world overpopulations and hunger. The students will be exposed to the context of the great challenges that face the mankind and encouraged to be more hands on and more creative.