Course Syllabus for English-Taught Majors

The major of Physics of Soochow University was founded in 1914 and a complete training system has been developed from undergraduate to doctoral level. The discipline of Physical Science of Soochow University is in the top 1% of the world's ESI since 2013 and is listed world top 100 by Nature Index.

Being a basic subject to multi disciplines, the graduate of physics major are required to explain the scientific principles and methodologies of physics and related scientific disciplines at the university level and apply these scientific principles in conjunction with quantitative reasoning methods and experimental and information technology skills to analyze and solve practical problems.

       The international class of physics major intends to train students to use a global perspective in conjunction with scientific knowledge to address issues of importance in physics and society. All physics professional courses are conducted in English by professors with at least one year oversea experience and half of which obtained a doctoral degree in oversea famous universities. Not only is the proficiency of scientific English, but also creative thinking and capability to conduct independent and collaborative scientific research trained to the students.